What is funsco.re?

Funsco.re is a smart app, designed for use in primary schools, bringing student, teacher and parent together in an online learning community.

The app is aimed at children aged 5-10, to encourage a love of learning.

Funsco.re offers an easy-to-use, fresh and dynamic forum for interactions between home and school.

All parties are instantly updated with the latest notifications and reports, and have a direct channel for contributing to students’ progress.

The smart and contemporary digital environment also provides teacher and student with a less intimidating and more engaging learning experience.

Why Funsco.re?

Increase engagement

Save valuable time

Collaborative environment

Teacher-generated content

Track progress


How it works

A digital channel to enhance communication and interaction between teachers and students.

Funsco.re for Teachers

Helps you organise and manage your class.

User-friendly and intuitive, so the technology is invisible.

Smoother communication with parents, and more collaboration.

Hassle-free reporting, with visual representations of class and progress data.

Have fun with your students!

Funsco.re for Parents

Parent-participation increases communication and bonding.

Capitalise on the time your child spends on mobile devices, making it productive.

Teacher-generated content, so that it builds on what your child is learning in the classroom.

Keep up to date with your child’s progress, and class/school developments.

Watch as they fly through their homework, and can’t wait for more!

Funsco.re for Students

A safe and comfortable environment for engaging and interacting with the teacher.

Gamified learning turns homework into a gripping quest.

Virtual rewards for encouragement and motivation.

Regular feedback and progress checks help to focus learning, and to celebrate achievement.

Keep up to date with what’s going on at school and in class, and participate in lively Mini Post discussions.

Targeted Content

The teacher is able to create tailored Quests, such as Homework, Spelling and Quiz, to build on classroom learning goals. Students enjoy working through the Quests, and both teacher and parent are able to keep track of their progress.

Gamified Quests

Students receive set Quests in the form of mini games, to stimulate their interest in a certain area, and keep them engaged.

Virtual Rewards

Rewards help students feel encouraged and motivated, so they can’t wait to move on to the next level!

Grade & Analyse

Results will be stored in our cloud server and presented to teachers and parents in helpful, visual formats.

Stay Updated

Funsco.re keeps teacher, parent and student fully up to date on what’s happening in the class.

Instant Notification

Teachers, students and parents will receive instant notifications on their mobile devices, so communication, encouragement and progress checks have never been easier!

Community Building

Teachers and students contribute to this virtual street, encouraging real-life community building.

Street View

The street will be updated with fresh new content from time to time. For example, a street that’s themed for Halloween, Chinese New Year, and so on.

Notice Board

The school can send notifications about upcoming events, or instant reminders, to parents and students.

Mini Post

Allow students to express their opinions in a safe environment and practise their critical thinking.

House Points

We’ll re-design your house emblems and present students’ house points in a unique and fun way.

House Points

Teachers easily assign and manage house points, with just a few touches.


Funsco.re is designed with mobile devices in mind, but it is available on Windows & Mac OS X too. All of the data is stored and synced to our secured cloud server, no data will be lost in the event of device failure.

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